Belonging Believing Becoming 

Our vision describes where God is guiding us into the future and our values define who God is calling us to be as a church. 

We see people throughout the Pioneer Valley experiencing life-changing relationship with Christ:


We dream of a life-changing church where unchurched people find a spiritual home, hurting people find hope, skeptical people find faith, and seeking people find Christ. Imagine a safe place for your spiritual journey.

We dream of a church family from diverse races, nations, generations, and backgrounds, united as a community worshiping Christ and shining a beautiful witness of God’s reconciling grace.

We dream of small group communities where people can be real to grow spiritually and care for each other. Imagine a church where no one stands alone because everyone belongs in community.

We dream of children so excited they wake up their parents for church! Imagine kids having fun learning in a safe environment with positive role models investing in their lives.

We dream of students growing hearts filled with love, heads filled with truth, and hands filled with service. Imagine a generation so committed to Christ that they become world-changers.

We dream of a family-friendly church encouraging each other in our marriages and helping each other raise our children. Imagine healthy marriages, happy homes, and broken relationships reconciled.

We dream of the church as a valuable asset in the Pioneer Valley as we serve our neighbors. We can see spiritual hope, social justice, and cultural renewal that reflect God’s beauty.

We dream of each person in the Pioneer Valley seeing God’s love in action and responding to the Good News of Jesus Christ, shared by a friend in a loving relationship.

We dream of a scene in heaven when people from many nations praise God because we generously invested resources andsent people to share Christ’s message and meet needs.

“Your old people will dream dreams and your young people will see visions.”
Acts 2:17