The Upside Down Kingdom

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Jesus comes down a mountain, for the first time with his twelve apostles gathered together, to a huge crowd with expectations of the Messiah, but surprises everyone with by teaching what we call The Beatitudes. The kingdoms and cultures of the world so often value power, success, appearance, accolades, comfort, etc. But Jesus defines the ethics of the Kingdom of God, upside down from so many expectations, challenging his followers to pursue humility, generosity, sacrifice, forgiveness, etc. Sometimes living these values will be honored, while other times we might face persecution, but we rejoice that God has eternal reward for those who live as the Kingdom of God on earth. Jesus explains if we seek after these values we’ll build our lives on the rock solid foundation of God, but if we chase after worldly values, our lives will be like a house on shifting sand. Come ready to be challenged to look through the lens of God’s kingdom to make changes in our lives and how we look at the world.