The Healing of Jesus

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We’re among a huge crowd jammed around Jesus on his way to the home of Jairus, a prominent synagogue leader, whose daughter is dying. Can you feel the anticipation for another miracle? Don’t push as we move faster to get there before the girl dies. Suddenly everything stops. Why did Jesus stop? Look ahead. Can you see Jesus talking with someone? Must be an important man to stop Jesus on the way to Jairus’ home. You’ve got to be kidding! Jesus is talking with that homeless woman, can’t remember her name, she’s been sick for a long time. Jesus touched her and healed her and called her a daughter! Here we go again to Jairus’ house. Look at the weeping and wailing. The girl is dead. Wait. Hear the cheering? The girl is walking out with her parents. Jesus raised her back to life. What a journey with two diverse people healed. Jairus is a blessed religious leader, but we’ve always viewed that woman as cursed by God and religiously unclean. Jairus is a wealthy community leader, but the woman is impoverished after spending everything on doctors to no avail. Everyone knows Jairus, but we can’t recall the woman’s name. They do have something in common. They were both desperate, trusted Jesus, and experienced healing deep in their lives. Are we desperate for Jesus? Do we need to go through painful circumstances before we will trust Jesus? How do we view diverse people like Jairus and this woman? Let’s continue this epic story and challenging questions on Sunday.