Spiritual Soil

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Imagine you’re traveling in the year 2034 and we run into each other at an airport or conference or reunion. We would celebrate seeing each other after 20 years and catch up about where we live, our families, our work, and a lot more. Then we would ask about our faith. What will we say? Tragically, too many people will have fallen away from God because life became dominated by careers demands, education stress, too much media, family worries, seductive sins, or other things that can choke out our faith. I know what we’re thinking. Not me! I’m not going to wander away from God! No one thinks they will become too busy for God, or mix up life’s priorities, or fall into sin, or die unready to face God. But we know too many people whose hearts became hardened with tragic consequences. How can we build faith that lasts and stands the test of time? We’ll study the “Parable of the Sower” to grasp the power of the “seed” of the Gospel and discern the condition of the “soil” of our hearts. Come ready to be challenged to look within ourselves and inspired by the power of the Gospel that we too often miss.