Preparing the Way

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Imagine arriving in eternity and looking back at our lives from God’s perspective. We’ll see so many ways God was working in our lives to bring us to Christ, guide us in decisions, convict us of sins, bring people into our lives, open opportunities to serve, prepare us for the next chapter of life, and more. God is working in our lives right now to prepare the way into the future! We often don’t comprehend what the Lord is doing until later. This message will explore the ministry and message of John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus. After 430 years of silence, without God speaking through prophets since Malachi, suddenly John the Baptist appears with God’s prophetic voice to prepare people for the coming Messiah. We’ll study John’s message to learn more about the identity of Jesus and discern how God might be working in our lives, even in our “wilderness” experiences, to prepare the way for God’s purposes.