Kingdom Trilogy

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Jesus often spoke about the Kingdom of God. What is this Kingdom? How do we enter this Kingdom? Why would we want to devote our lives to this Kingdom? How does God’s Kingdom spread within people’s lives around throughout the world? How does God’s Kingdom resemble the kingdoms of our world and how are they radically different? Luke masterfully weaves several Kingdom Parables in the next chapters of our journey. I’m excited to explore these parables to further grasp the unique identity of Jesus, learn to align our lives with Kingdom values, and spread the Kingdom of God in our generation.This Sunday we will glean insights from a trilogy of parables describing how the Kingdom of God begins as a tiny seed but grows into a tree with “branches” everywhere for people to find their home in the Kingdom, and how a little bit of yeast spreads into a whole batch of dough to describe the Kingdom’s redemptive mission throughout the world, with a challenge to enter the Kingdom by the narrow path of God’s grace rather than wandering the wide roads that seem attractive but lead to destruction.