August 2014

Christ and Culture

How can we faithfully follow Christ in the midst of confusing cultural values in the media, classroom, work ethics, friendships, and more? We’ll go on a journey with Daniel and his teenage friends, learning how they honored God while grieving the destruction of their nation, forced to live far away from home as slaves in […]

The Rock

Both the Apostles, Paul and Peter refer to Isaiah’s admonition to the Israelites to heed God’s words (Isaiah 8:13-15). The Rock, often a reference to God Himself, is mentioned as a stumbling block and a cornerstone. For many years the cornerstone of our faith has been a stumbling block to the people of the Muslim […]

Breaking Barriers

We’ll explore how Jesus broke through social, racial, gender, and religious barriers to express God’s love to a hurting woman and pour out his grace to transform her life. What barriers does God want to break through in our lives? How will work through us to break down barriers in our world? Come prepared to […]

Everyone is Invited

This week during Weird Animals VBS we’ve been meeting the weirdest looking animals, but learning how God uniquely created them with special purposes, to help each child discover how much God loves them and Christ invites them to follow him. Sometimes we can feel weird or rejected or alone. These painful feelings might result from […]

What is greatness

How does Jesus, the King of kings define greatness? We will look at how Jesus gives us several pictures of what true greatness is and how we can be great in his kingdom. 

July 2014

Yes, Period

How does God, the king of the universe want us to use our speech in a world where God is king of the universe? Sunday‘s sermon, “Yes, Period,” will pose this problem and look to the Bible for solutions.

Science and Faith

Several popular writers have argued in recent years that science has supplanted religion, but Paul argues that “what may be known about God is plain”.  Which is it?  What does science tell us about God and about who we are?  Are there things that science does not tell us?  Are there ways other than those […]

To Be Imitator of God’s Love

The main point of Paul’s letter to Ephesians is unity with love in the church. In the view of a believer who has a desire to impact other lives for Jesus, the book can be outlined by the key word—walk: how we walked before we did not know Jesus and how we should walk after […]

Get Into The Zone

Just about everyone has at least one…area of our lives where we are unwilling to say “yes” to God. Often our unwillingness stems from a desire to remain within the realm of what is predictable, familiar, and secure. But what about God’s desire? By considering Moses’ call from God, we’ll be invited to look deeper […]

June 2014


What is the most powerful and impressive thing that the Holy Spirit does?  Is it miraculous healing?  Overriding the natural laws of the cosmos?  It might surprise you. It’s something that happens inside every heart of every Christian who has ever lived. This week’s sermon explores the teaching of Jesus on Christian conversion from John […]