April 2016

Trusting God

After wrestling with God about why there is evil in the world and when God will answer his prayers for justice, Habakkuk bursts forth with a worship song expressing his trust in God. We’ll explore how Habakkuk grew to trust the Lord and we’ll be challenged to trust God’s redemptive plans whatever the circumstances, not […]

Warnings from God

After Habakkuk cries out to God with questions about injustice in the world, God responds by revealing that judgment will indeed come upon evil. This description of judgment also warns God’s people about the source of evil in our cultures that can so easily seduce us, with a beautiful portrait of God’s grace to sustain […]

Waiting on God

We’re learning from the prophet Habakkuk as he cries out to God with challenging questions, learning from God’s responses, and watching Habakkuk grow toward trusting in God.

Questions for God

Sometimes we cry out to God with questions! Why does God allow suffering? Where is God when I’m hurting? When will God answer my prayers? We’ll explore the little Book of Habakkuk that gives voice to many of our questions and we’ll learn from God’s responses.