July 2017

Guest Speaker

Kathy Charland is preaching this Sunday. Kathy previously served with International Ministries in Zambia through literacy development, micro-enterprise loans, and alleviating poverty among women. She is a graduate of Boston University School of Theology.

August 2016

Loosen Your Grip

We tend to hold tightly to things, people, and situations we care deeply about. Sometimes God is calling us to courageously trust God and loosen our grip. We’ll look at Jochebed, a woman who released the most precious thing she could have held on to – her baby boy – to protect the baby’s life, […]

July 2014

Get Into The Zone

Just about everyone has at least one…area of our lives where we are unwilling to say “yes” to God. Often our unwillingness stems from a desire to remain within the realm of what is predictable, familiar, and secure. But what about God’s desire? By considering Moses’ call from God, we’ll be invited to look deeper […]