June 2019

Countercultural Hope

“Countercultural Hope” by Josh Raskin.

December 2018

“The Church of God for the Mission of God”

“The Church of God for the Mission of God” by Josh Raskin

“Those Who Are Sent”

“Those Who Are Sent” by Josh Raskin

“The God Who Goes”

“The God Who Goes” by Josh Raskin

February 2018

The Seven ‘Meh’-dly Sins

Pastor Josh Raskin, our Student Ministries Pastor will be preaching from Matthew 23:1-7.

December 2017

Dawn is Breaking

In the opening of his Gospel, John talks about the coming of Christ, but for him this is not something new or unexpected. John describes how God’s glorious light has been at work from the beginning, and how we can trust in God’s power to illuminate the darkness of our world.

November 2017

Working Diligently

As the important task of finishing the wall nears completion, a series of plots and threats to Nehemiah surface to derail his task and God-ordained mission. Enemies are outside the gates, and they want blood. False prophets are inside the city, trying to convince Nehemiah to run and hide. However, for Nehemiah, hiding is not […]

September 2017

The Grieving Mother

In a brief encounter outside of an insignificant town, Jesus and his followers come across a scene of human suffering and brokenness – a mother who has recently lost her son, and with him, her hope. What at first glance appears a simple healing story offers us a much bigger picture of God’s compassion and […]

August 2017

The Children

In stories, art, books, and videos we see depictions of Jesus blessing and beaming over children during his ministry, and for good reason! Our culture has a soft spot for the childlike innocence of young kids, and these heartwarming images remind us of Jesus’ love and care. However, what we often fail to realize is […]

July 2017

The Twice-Blind Man

In this odd little story, Jesus encounters a blind man who wants to receive sight, but it comes to him in an unexpected way. It appears Jesus has to do the miracle twice over; so what is going on? This Sunday we’ll explore the ideas of healing, growth, and spiritual insight as we look at this […]