January 2017

What Would Jesus Smoke?

With changing laws, shifting cultural norms, and individualism running our ethics, how are Christians to live out a different vision of the Kingdom of God? What kinds of behaviors can and can’t we participate in, and how do we make those decisions? Our message this week will look at some of these issues and how […]

October 2015

Ethnicities Redeemed By Christ

Jesus redefines each of our ethnic identities for his kingdom purposes.  As he shows us the beauty in our ethnicities and heals the brokenness in them, we have unique opportunities to share the gospel in each of our stories.  We will reflect on His invitation to each of us and proclaim Christ’s death and resurrection […]

August 2015

Campus Ministry Sunday

We’re blessed to have five of the campus ministers among our church community leading worship this Sunday. Elizabeth Booher serves with InterVarsity at Smith College and UMass. Rachel Dean ministers to athletes at Mt. Holyoke and Smith College. Nate Daman and Mary Campbell guide The Navigators ministry at UMass. Alison Raskin serves with FOCUS on […]