August 2016

When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you ever feel like giving up on your faith, or your education, or your job, or your marriage, or your future? We’ll learn from the honest faith story of Asaph, a music director in the Temple, as he almost gave up on God, until he reflected on so many reasons to trust God.

Loosen Your Grip

We tend to hold tightly to things, people, and situations we care deeply about. Sometimes God is calling us to courageously trust God and loosen our grip. We’ll look at Jochebed, a woman who released the most precious thing she could have held on to – her baby boy – to protect the baby’s life, and watch how God changed the world through this child.

Isaiah – Changed Lives

What would you do if God suddenly appeared to you? Be surprised that God really does exist? Begin asking God those questions you’ve always wanted to ask? Feel guilty because of your sin? Fall down in worship? We’ll follow Isaiah into the Temple and watch as he encounters God, reacts with grief because of his sinfulness, but experiences God’s grace that transforms his future. This life-changing story that reveals rich insights about God’s character is recorded in Isaiah 6:1-8.

July 2016

When God’s Grace Goes Beyond

We’ll follow the story of Rahab the prostitute as she exemplifies profound faith and bold courage and watch how God preserves his people and shows his redemptive plan of grace through this former woman of the night.

When You’re Mad at God

We’ll listen as Jeremiah pours out his heart to God with anger and confusion because of abuse he experienced, and watch how God inspires him to persevere and redeems his pain to minister to hurting people.

When You Don’t Know What to Do

We’ll explore a life-changing experience of Jehoshaphat, a person in the Bible rarely studied, who made one tragic mistake that created chaos in his life, so he panicked and didn’t know what to do, until he turned back to God and received God’s guidance into the future. If you ever struggle with discerning God’s direction, this message is for you!

Changed Lives “Elijah”

Join us on our journey through the Old Testament as we watch how God related with real-life men and women, the joy of making wise decisions, the wreckage from sinful choices, and how God works through broken people transformed by God’s grace.

When You Need Courage

We’re learning from the experiences of people in the Old Testament this summer. We live in a moment of human history filled with fear about the economy, political instability, broken relationships, terrorist attacks, diseases, temptations, and more. The Book of Joshua unfolds with the Hebrew people about to enter the Promised Land. But Moses, who has led the community throughout their  40-year journey, has died. Now God calls Joshua to lead the people into the future. He’s never been without Moses and he needs courage! We’ll listen to God inspire Joshua to overcome his fears and instruct him to face the future with courage.

June 2016

Hezekiah: When the Odds are Against You

This Sundaywe will examine the life of Hezekiah in 1 Kings 19. Hezekiah was one of the Kings of Judah and a leader remembered for his steadfast trust in the Lord, even when overwhelming circumstances in his life made that nearly impossible. How can we learn from this king who sought to follow God, even in his own weaknesses and in a broken world.

Changed Lives (Moses)

This summer we’ll go on a journey with twelve people from the Old Testament. We’ll watch how God related with these real-life men and women, the joy of making wise decisions, the wreckage from sinful choices, and how God works through broken people transformed by God’s grace. This Sunday we’ll learn from Moses in Exodus 3:1-15.