October 2018

“Healing Communities”

“Healing Communities” by Dean Trulear

“One And Only Life”

“One and Only Life” by Greg Mozel.

Let It Go

“Let It Go” by Jamaal Nelson.

September 2018

God’s Rescuing Grace

“God’s Rescuing Grace” by Greg Mozel.

God’s Restoring Grace

God’s Restoring Grace” by Greg Mozel

“God’s Relentless Grace”

“God’s Relentless Grace” by Greg Mozel

“Ready Or Not”

“Ready Or Not” by Greg Mozel

August 2018

“Leaving a Legacy”

“Leaving a Legacy” by Greg Mozel

“Running on Empty”

 “Running on Empty”  by Greg Mozel.

“What Matters Most?”

“What Matters Most?” by Greg Mozel.