March 2019

“The Foolish Church”

“The Foolish Church” by Haram Hwang

Blessing Our World

“Blessing Our World” by Greg Mozel.

“Shaping Our Hearts”

“Shaping Our Hearts” by Greg Mozel

February 2019

“First Things First”

“First Things First” by Greg Mozel

“The Life Giving Spirit”

“The Life Giving Spirit” by Brant Lingle

“Wisdom for Insightful Living”

“Wisdom for Insightful Living” by Lily Soh

“Build to Last”

“Build to Last” by Greg Mozel

January 2019

Empty Promises

“Empty Promises” by Greg Mozel”

Fake News

“Fake News” by Greg Mozel

Our True Identity

“Our True Identity ” by Greg Mozel.