September 2013

Supreme Sacrifice

Sometimes God can feel far away. When we feel ashamed of our sin. During a confusing crisis. In the midst of temptations. While we wrestle with doubts. This was the experience for many people in the community that received the sermon called “Hebrews” we are studying. The first chapter explains how God has spoken to everyone who will listen in every generation with the message of Christ's great salvation. Now the second chapter explores how Christ has made this great salvation possible. We'll learn how much Christ sacrificed to leave the glory of heaven, become human, share life with humanity, suffer on the cross, and the profound difference this can make in our lives.

Supreme Salvation

When we ignore warnings bad things happen! Chest pains could indicate a heart attack. Fire alarms ring out to alert us about a possible fire. Engine lights warn us our car might break down at any moment. Ignoring these and other warnings can be dangerous or deadly. When we ignore God's warnings we risk drifting away from God with devastating consequences. The author of Hebrews reminds the recipients of this sermon that God speaks in every generation and whatever circumstances in the first ch

Supreme Savior

What can we do when we're tempted to give up our faith or compromise our values because of doubts, temptations, or suffering? Remember who Jesus is and what Christ has done for us!  The author of Hebrews jumps right in, opening this sermon with a masterful theological statement, explaining why Christ is worth our faithfulness because: The Son of God is supreme over all creation, the agent of creating the world, the exact reflection of God in the world, the perfect word from God to humanity,