February 2014

Rebuilding our Witness

Do you need to rebuild something in your life? Your faith in Christ? Your priorities in busy life? Your moral choices? Your witness to others? The Hebrew people came home from exile and began pursuing their dreams, constructing homes, building businesses, and educating their children, all the while forgetting about God with the Temple in ruins. God graciously raised up a prophet named Haggai to call them back to God. One of the leaders was Zerubbabel. But he was haunted by his past and discouraged about the work rebuilding the Temple. So God spoke through Haggai to remind his people that grace leaves our past behind and God will use our changed lives as a witness in the world.

Rebuilding the Future

When we choose to obey God, or serve the Lord, or rebuild an area of our life, we don't always see the results we hope for. Sometimes we can wonder if following Christ is worth it. In the book of Haggai, God's people began rebuilding the Temple and restoring God into the center of their lives, but along the way they became discouraged when they saw how humble the Temple they were building was compared to the glory of the previous Temple. But in Haggai 2:1-9 God reminds them to remain fai

Rebuilding our Faith

Obeying God can be challenging in the midst of busy schedules that can distract us, temptations that can lure us, painful events that can raise doubts, and more. God's covenant people were straying away when the Lord raised up the Prophet Haggai to challenge them to consider their ways and choose to honor the Lord. In response: “the people obeyed the voice of the LORD their God!” (Haggai 1:12). Once the peopl

January 2014

Rebuilding Priorities

Do you need to rebuild something in your life? Your faith in Christ? Your priorities in busy life? Your moral choices? Your integrity at work or school? The Hebrew people came home from in exile in 445 BC, built the walls around Jerusalem, and settled into their new lives. But life got busy pursuing their dreams, constructing lavish homes, building successful businesses, and education their children, all the while forgetting about God. Ninety years later, in 535 BC, the Temple was still in ruins

Practicing Sabbath Rest & Soul Care

Practicing Sabbath Rest & Soul Care” is the title of this week’s message, coming from Hebrews 4:1-13.  Are you tired & weary?  What is it about Sabbath rest that is important to God (it's a commandment!)?  What is it about Sabbath rest and soul care that we so often resist it?  Come & discover how Sabbath rest and soul care are essential to life with God.

The Narrow Door that Anyone Can Enter

The Narrow Door that Anyone Can Enter” is the title of this week’s message, coming from Luke 13:22-30.  Different paths often lead to different destinations; and different doors often lead to different spaces. In this passage, Jesus is on a clear path with a clear destination in mind. He invites us on the journey with him, but it's a limited time offer and we will have to pack light. You're invited to the party! Will you choose to come?

Practicing Patience

“Practicing Patience ” is the title of this week’s message, coming from Luke 2:36-38. We live in a world where technology and affluence are causing the concept of “waiting” to become a thing of the past. This trouble with patience can impact our ability to wait on God. Thankfully, we have biblical examples of godly patience, and this week we will be looking at the story of Anna and Jesus. This old widowed prophet shows us the importance of practicing patience in faithfulness and submission to God, and can hopefully teach us how to wait for the Lord in our lives as well.

December 2013

A Righteous Resolution

“A Righteous Resolution” is the title of this week’s message, coming from Luke 2:22-35. In the midst of stress and hurry and our world’s obsession with ourselves, how do we become people who eagerly watch for the work of God?  This is the question we are examining this Sunday as we study the interaction between the

Supreme Love

After twelve chapters filled with theological teaching explaining that Jesus is the greatest revelation of God's truth, greatest savior through his sacrifice on the cross, greatest priest reconciling people with God, greatest covenant of grace superior to the old covenant of law, greatest example for people to follow, and much more, the Book of Hebrews concludes with practical teaching to apply what we've learned in our everyday lives. This final chapter challenges us to love each other among the church, love our families, love people in our community, and love God more than material stuff. Come ready to reflect on God's love and be challenged to express God's love with practical wisdom to apply what we learn.

Supreme Discipline

We learn from this Scripture passage that God disciplines his precious children. Good parents discipline their children so they will grow into mature adults. We can be afraid of discipline if we grew up with harsh parents who excessively punished us, or we can rebel against discipline if our parents were permissive so we didn't learn discipline. But God is our perfect Heavenly Father who we can trust! God can work in our lives through good times and bad times so we grow more like Christ. God can even redeem our painful experiences to minister to other people. So come ready to be encouraged by God's tender love and challenged to grow through our heavenly Father's loving discipline.