July 2014

Get Into The Zone

Just about everyone has at least one…area of our lives where we are unwilling to say “yes” to God. Often our unwillingness stems from a desire to remain within the realm of what is predictable, familiar, and secure. But what about God’s desire? By considering Moses’ call from God, we’ll be invited to look deeper into those areas where we’re holding back…and what might happen if we say, “yes”!

June 2014


What is the most powerful and impressive thing that the Holy Spirit does?  Is it miraculous healing?  Overriding the natural laws of the cosmos?  It might surprise you. It’s something that happens inside every heart of every Christian who has ever lived. This week’s sermon explores the teaching of Jesus on Christian conversion from John chapter 3 – that the Spirit brings it about and what he uses to do it.

Weary from Holding It In

Modern prophets still proclaim the Word of the Lord to every generation and call us to repentance and action. We will reflect on the status of more than half the world's population centuries after these ancient accounts and reaffirm that God's children are still called to the difficult tasks of working for justice. What more can we do to keep the little girls of the world safe and raise the status of women, in light of the continued and increasing abuse and violence filling the news here in the US and around the world?

Then Abraham Prayed

This Sunday‘s sermon is “Then Abraham Prayed”, a look back at three instances of the discipline of The Lord in the life of Abraham; discipline that grew Abram out of a shallow trust in himself and into his calling to be God's blessing to all the families of the earth. (Genesis 12:3) Before we witness Abraham's dramatic trust in The Lord with his beloved son Isaac, we witness the bumpy and uneven turn-around of Abraham's trust in The Lord through his growing understanding of his prophetic calling and his union with and love for Sarah.

Rebirth and Renewal

Paul’s letter to Titus is packed with powerful instruction – leadership, division, fitting Christian behavior – all things that he desired the church to know as it sought its place in the surrounding society. But at the end of it all, Paul is sure to emphasize the basis for all of this instruction: the incredible work of our salvation that God enacted because of his goodness, mercy, and love. This

A People Apart

The church in the middle of Crete was a new, strange phenomenon – and the people around were watching closely. Paul continues his instruction to Titus by describing a community set apart, one defined by grace and built in community. What do these teachings have for the church today, which still works to portray Christ to a watching world?

May 2014

The Cretan Condition

The churches in Crete at the end of the first century were facing some pretty tough challenges, not least of which were false teachers causing confusion and division among the new believers, and a culture of confusion and sin that compounded the problem. What causes us to question our beliefs, and what about our culture today can lead us away from the truth of the centrality of Christ? We’ll look at these issues and how we can rest in the knowledge of the gospel in our own contemporary culture of confusion.

A Snapshot of Leadership

What can today’s church learn from a tiny letter written to a relatively unknown disciple nearly 2,000 years ago? Well, a lot, as it turns out! The Epistle to Titus covers everything from church leaders to opposition to the gospel, radical Christian living, grace and renewed lives, inter-congregational conflict, and more. This week, we will look at the opening to the letter and Paul’s commission that Titus be a leader who raises up leaders. What does Christian leadership mean, and how do we respond to the call to represent the gospel in all that we do?

Lessons from a Woman at a Well

This Sunday‘s sermon is titled “Lessons from a Woman at a Well” and we will be looking at one of the early ministry interactions that Christ had with a Samaritan woman in John 4:4-26. In this story, Jesus has a conversation with a woman that changes her life forever. We will see a picture of ourselves in this story and how Christ speaks truth, grace and love into our fear, prejudices, shame and hurt. Pastor Brant Lingle, our Executive Pastor, is preaching.

Anywhere But Here

This Sunday‘s sermon is titled “Anywhere But Here,” and we will be looking at one of the post-resurrection appearances of Christ in Luke 24:13-35. In this story, two disciples mourn the death of Christ as they travel along the road from Jerusalem to their home town of Emmaus. However, they are soon joined by a stranger who has some illuminating th