November 2015

Thanksgiving Message

This Sunday we’ll enter into the Thanksgiving Holiday season with a message from Luke 17:11-19. This coming week our culture will be filled with family gatherings, big meals, lots of shopping, and giving thanks. At the same time many people will feel on the sidelines wishing for family, hungry for a meal, forgotten by our society and feeling little reason to give thanks. We’ll meet ten desperate people who lived as outca

Name Dropping

As is usual with the Pauline letters, Colossians concludes with a series of greetings and instructions for Paul’s associates. It’s so easy for us contemporary readers of scripture to breeze through these sections without considering the important ramifications of the lists of names and descriptions – this Sunday, we will examine why these greetings can challenge us and invite us deeper into the story of the God who uses normal people to accomplish the work of His Kingdom.

Colossians 4:2-6

This Sunday our journey through Colossians continues as we study Colossians 4:2-6 to explore how we sometime experience suffering that shapes our character more like Christ and offers a witness of the Gospel among the people God places in our lives.

Homes of Honor

We’ll go on a journey 2,000 years ago to the town of Colossae to grasp the culture of that time and hear God’s revolutionary, countercultural vision for marriages and families. Come be inspired and challenged about honoring each other in our homes, friendships, workplaces, and societies.

October 2015

Clothed in Christ

Last Sunday we explored our identity in Christ from Colossians 3:1-11 as people who have taken off our “old self” (sin nature) like filthy clothing nailed to the cross and put on our “new self” restoring God’s image within us. Now chapter 3 continues with practical teaching how we can put on the “clothing of Christ” to grow more like Christ in everyday life and together as a Christ-centered community.

Changed Lives

After two chapters defining who Christ is (chapter 1) and who we are in Christ (chapter 2) the Letter to the Colossians casts vision for how God can change lives (chapter 3). Notice the contrasts between focusing on eternal things rather than pursuing earthly stuff, dying to ourselves so God’s glory can shine through us, and shedding our self-centered ways of the past compared to growing more like Christ in the present. We’ll explore how God can evoke these changes in our lives.

Spiritual Roots

After magnifying the supremacy of Christ over anything the world can offer and defining the sufficiency of Christ for our salvation in chapter 1, the theme transitions to how we can grow deeper spiritual roots in chapter 2. Notice five times we read “in Christ” to clarify who we are in Christ and how we can grow in Christ.

Ethnicities Redeemed By Christ

Jesus redefines each of our ethnic identities for his kingdom purposes.  As he shows us the beauty in our ethnicities and heals the brokenness in them, we have unique opportunities to share the gospel in each of our stories.  We will reflect on His invitation to each of us and proclaim Christ’s death and resurrection through Communion together. Sarah Shin, Regional Coordinator for Multiethnicity, New England InterVarsity Christian Fellowship will be our guest preacher this

September 2015

The Passionate Pursuit

When we look at Paul’s life of ministry, it’s amazing to see how much the spread of God’s good news meant to him, even when it came at the expense of his own comfort, security, and well-being. In this section of Colossians, we get a picture of why Paul was so passionate about the Gospel, and how we too can become truly passionate about reaching people with the story of salvation in Christ.

Colossians: Growing Deeper Spiritual Roots

Scripture Reading: Colossians 1:1-14