February 2016

Spending our Strength for the Weak

When we follow Jesus, we take a big risk with our hearts and minds, because Jesus can lead us into areas where he wants to see transformation. Often in the gospels, we see him engaging with the poor, the oppressed, the marginalized, the “sinners” of his age. In all of these situations, Jesus redefines what it means to do justice and bring healing – and we, too, can partner with Jesus in both desire and action.

January 2016

Spending our Strength for our Community

This semester we’re exploring God’s heart for those who suffer with practical ways to alleviate poverty, advance social justice, raise up the oppressed, and share spiritual hope that shines Christ’s light in darkness.

Spending Ourselves

Tragically, many people in our world suffer with poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, oppression, discrimination, violence, and more. God’s broken heart and call to action are expressed in Isaiah 58:10, “Spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry!” We’ll explore God’s heart and be challenged with practical ways to spend ourselves to alleviate poverty, advance social justice, raise up the oppressed, and share spiritual hope that shines Christ’s light in darkness.

Where We’ve Never Been Before

“Where We’ve Never Been Before” is the message this Sunday from Joshua 3:1-5. Life is filled with times when we go where we’ve never been before. Moving away to college. Graduating and wondering what the future holds. Starting a new job. The birth of our first child. A medical diagnosis. Trusting God in a new way. We’ll explore a scene when God revealed his character and prepared his covenant community, filled with both anticipation and fear, to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land.

The God of Increase

In famine, all is well. In dearth, food doesn’t deplete. Does this make any sense? It does. If we believe in the God of providence and increase. Come and be blessed and inspired, as we expound on I Kings 17:1-16.

Christ the Refugee

After the birth of Jesus, his family was forced to flee as refugees to Egypt, because King Herod attempted to kill him by massacring every young boy in his village. This tragic story warns us about the evil grasp for control, reveals Christ’s personal connection with those who suffer, gives voice to those who cry out with grief, and offers hope of God’s redemptive story.

December 2015

Joseph: Silently Steadfast

Joseph is a figure who often sits in the background of our memories and stories – the pages of Scripture don’t offer much information about him; in fact, he doesn’t even speak a word in the biblical stories. What we do know, however, paints a picture of a faithful and righteous man, and one who can teach us about following God even when we also feel silent or overlooked.

Advent Conspiracy

This Sunday is the third week of Advent and we will continue comparing and contrasting the shepherds and the magi by learning more about the magi from Matthew 2:1-12. Who were these mysterious magi? Where did they come from? Why did they travel for months to find Christ? The magi were probably Gentiles, intellectually elite, powerful people, while the shepherds were Jewish, lower class, forgotten people in their culture. We’ll be inspired by the journey of these diverse people and challenged to serve diverse people in our world today.

Advent Conspiracy

The shepherds were Jewish, lower class, forgotten people in their culture, who were close to Messiah’s birth. The magi were viewed as pagans, intellectually elite, powerful people, who travelled from far away to worship the Savior. We’ll explore God’s message through these diverse people and God’s call to minister to the “shepherds” and “magi” in our world today.

November 2015

The Manger and Resurrection Life

A baby was born in a place where animals were kept for the night because there was no room at the inn. There was no pomp or pageantry to announce his arrival. Neither were kings and statesmen invited. But this baby was born to heal, make peace and reconcile humankind to God. Come and be blessed by the revelation of a baby born to give resurrection life.