February 2017

The Other Side

We’ll go on a journey across the Sea of Galilee with Jesus and his disciples, through a raging storm, to the other side called the “Gerasenes” where no Jewish people ever wanted to go, just to reach out to one demon-possessed, mentally ill, socially marginalized person. Come ready to be challenges to go to the “other side” for those who are spiritually lost and socially oppressed in our world today while learning how much we resemble the broken person in this narrative without God’s grace in Christ.

January 2017

What Would Jesus Smoke?

With changing laws, shifting cultural norms, and individualism running our ethics, how are Christians to live out a different vision of the Kingdom of God? What kinds of behaviors can and can’t we participate in, and how do we make those decisions? Our message this week will look at some of these issues and how they point to a different way for Christians to live in community with Christ and one another.

Oh How I Love Jesus

Beth Kidd will be preaching. She is the Director at Place of Promise in Boston, a residential treatment ministry helping people transition from homelessness, prostitution, and addiction to build better lives.

Build to Last

Imagine if persecution arises to close our church and imprison our pastors, or temptations arise that feel so seductive, or sudden tragedy devastate our lives. Would we continue to follow Christ, even risking our lives, or would our faith dissolve because we depend on exciting church ministries, and expect God to protect us from pain? We’ll explore the challenge of building our faith to last through uncompromising commitment to God and deeper devotion to live as Christ’s missionaries.

God of the Second Chance

Guest speaker today.

The Lord’s Prayer

As cliché as it may sound, the year has indeed flown by, almost at the twinkling of an eye. Nevertheless, it has been a year of the unexpected in the world, in our nation, or maybe even in our lives. Despite them all, we serve a faithful and almighty God. As we enter 2017, let us come together and reflect on The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13, and ask the Lord to help us to pray and live out this prayer in the new year ahead.

December 2016

Christmas Chaos

Last Sunday we studied the prophecy of Messiah’s arrival in Bethlehem from Micah 5:1-5. This Sunday we’ll explore the first fulfillment of that prophecy. Jesus chose to enter a chaotic world filled with poverty and oppression while his temporarily homeless parents hurried to Bethlehem in fear. But God was working behind the scenes, and still works today, to unfold God’s redemption in the midst of chaos.

Least of the Least

Micah surprised everyone, writing 720 years before Jesus was born, when he prophesied that Messiah would come from the tiny town of Bethlehem. But God often works in surprising ways and through unsuspecting people to fulfill his redemptive purposes.

November 2016


We will explore who is worthy of our worship, of our thanksgiving-dinner-table-shout-outs, and of us preparing our hearts and homes over the course of the next few weeks during this advent season.

If I Just Had ___

How would we fill in the blank when we feel if we only had something or someone we would be happy? What is the source of our identity? Where do we look for our happiness? Who meets our deepest needs? The 10th Commandment warns God’s people from coveting what other people have so we build our contentment in God, guards us from chasing after things as idol replacing God, and protects God’s community from damaging each other.