September 2017

How God Changes Lives

What will this fall semester bring in our lives? Spiritual growth or apathy? Honoring God or yielding to temptations? Wise choices or painful decisions? We’ll study 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10 to explore how the Holy Spirit evokes genuine transformation to grow more like Christ.  

The Grieving Mother

In a brief encounter outside of an insignificant town, Jesus and his followers come across a scene of human suffering and brokenness – a mother who has recently lost her son, and with him, her hope. What at first glance appears a simple healing story offers us a much bigger picture of God’s compassion and the ways that Jesus wants to bring healing and wholeness into the death that defines our world.

August 2017

You Will Be Called Cephas

The first thing Jesus said to Peter when they met was a little strange. There was no preamble, no niceties exchanged; instead, Jesus looked directly at him and said, “You are Simon, son of John. You will be called Cephas.” (which, when translated, is Peter). Why did Jesus say that to Peter? What kind of person was Peter? You are warmly invited to join us this Sunday as we explore Peter and his life in our series of People Jesus Met, and let God minister to us through His Word.

A Daughter of the King

Jesus encounters two diverse people in this narrative, a privileged religious leader who humbles himself before Jesus, and a sick woman desperate for healing. Jesus ministers equally to both of them. We’ll learn how Jesus calls us to faithfully steward our privilege and care for the marginalized. The suffering woman with no name is transformed as Jesus publicly declares that she is indeed a daughter of the king!

The Difference Maker

The Children

In stories, art, books, and videos we see depictions of Jesus blessing and beaming over children during his ministry, and for good reason! Our culture has a soft spot for the childlike innocence of young kids, and these heartwarming images remind us of Jesus’ love and care. However, what we often fail to realize is that there is a deeply counterculture message that resides in Jesus’ interactions with children in the gospels. one that challenges our valued notions of holiness and hierarchy. This Sunday, come hear how children paint a different picture of true Kingdom living.

July 2017

1 out of 10

Jesus meets ten people, living in the margins of society, afflicted with a disease that evoked rejection in their culture. Jesus doesn’t just pass by them, like his society, he heals them. But only one returns to give thanks, and he alone experiences spiritually healing. Have we settled for an encounter with Jesus, like praying a salvation prayer or baptism or showing up for worship, then go on our way without really experiencing the transformation Jesus long for us? Do we feel too unworthy within or rejected by our world to believe Jesus wants to relate with us? Do we pass by people, viewing them like our culture, rather than through the lens of Christ? Prepare to be challenged and changed!

The Thirsty Woman

We’ll meet a woman thirsty for water in the blazing sun, thirsty for love after broken relationships, thirsty for dignity among a marginalized race, and thirsty for God in her wounded soul. Jesus breaks cultural, racial, social, and spiritual barriers to reach out and ultimately quench her thirst.

The Twice-Blind Man

In this odd little story, Jesus encounters a blind man who wants to receive sight, but it comes to him in an unexpected way. It appears Jesus has to do the miracle twice over; so what is going on? This Sunday we’ll explore the ideas of healing, growth, and spiritual insight as we look at this story and see how Jesus uses this opportunity to teach a liberating message to his onlookers.

The Guy Who Couldn’t Let Go

Do you struggle to let go of something in your life? Feelings of failure that define you? Guilt that replays in your mind? Control in a relationship? Money that covers insecurity to feel important? We’ll learn from Jesus to identify whatever is between God and ourselves, and be challenged to start letting go to grow more Christlike.