February 2018

The Seven ‘Meh’-dly Sins

Pastor Josh Raskin, our Student Ministries Pastor will be preaching from Matthew 23:1-7.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Think No Evil

We encounter stimuli every day and make decisions based on what we notice and what remains in our thoughts. We have to be careful about what we allow to take hold of our minds because it can become a formidable seduction into temptation. Let us learn together how to guard our hearts and minds so that what our minds dwell on will lead us to life.

It’s a Miracle!

We are blessed to have Torli Krua as our guest speaker this Sunday! Torli is a Director of “Mission Door” ministry with refugees in Boston. He was a refugee, fleeing Liberia during the civil war, before settling in Boston. His work meeting needs, planting churches among refugee communities, and advocating for immigrants has been honored by Congress. His message is: “It’s a Miracle!” from Hebrew 10:16-25.

January 2018

Sexual Sanity

We live in a sexualized society. Ads filled with sexual themes to grasp attention. Pornography shaping people’s view of sex. Sexual harassment in the news every day. Women living in fear of rape. Sexual slavery to meet the whims of customers. How did we get here? What does God have to say? We’ll study God’s vision for the beautiful gift of sex, God’s warning against taking advantage of anyone, and God’s grace that can heal our wounds and change our future.

The Sin Cycle

James vividly describes the “life cycle” of sin that begins with temptation, which evokes our desires, then seduces us to sin, which ultimately leads to death. We’ll explore this tragic progression and learn how to break the sin cycle within our hearts and the destructive generational cycles we might have inherited.

Wilderness Warfare

Temptations often strike when we are most vulnerable. Stressed. Tired. Complacent. Alone. Jesus was tempted while he was extremely vulnerable in the wilderness. We’ll learn from Jesus why it’s worth fighting our battles with temptation and how we can be prepared to protect ourselves when tempted. 


Temptations surround us and lurk within us. We all wrestle with temptations like greed, power, lust, sex, anger, addictions, and more. Every day we read about more people in our culture yielding to temptations with disastrous impact. How can we faithfully follow Christ in our world filled with temptations? This series is designed to grow our hearts with motivation to love God and form habits to protect ourselves from sinful choices that damage our lives and the people we love.

December 2017

How Long?

Sometimes we ask “how long?” when we are suffering with pain, filled with anxiety, brokenhearted over injustice in the world, wondering if God will ever answer prayer, and so much more. We’ll meet Simeon and Anna, two elderly people who had waited a lifetime for God to bring the spiritual redemption of their lost neighbors and consolation for their suffering nation, when suddenly the infant Messiah is dedicated in the Temple, and they are chosen as the two witnesses required by God’s Law to proclaim Messiah’s arrival.

Light in Darkness

We live in a world filled with the darkness of violence, poverty, racism, sexual abuse, erosion of human rights, etc. We also look within ourselves and see anger, impurity, selfishness, etc. The Prophet Isaiah spoke to his generation that felt similar darkness overwhelming them, warning about the devastation of their sin while casting vision for God’s grace through the coming Messiah. We’ll learn how God’s redemptive mission can transform our lives and shine in the darkness of our generation.

Advent Taize Experience