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FBC is passionate about training Ambassadors of Christ to equip each other in the church, serve in our community, and spread the Gospel around the world! God has placed FBC in a unique location with people from throughout our region, many colleges, and more than 40 nations.


CLASSES – A class is offered each semester and seminars on some weekends. Topics during a three-year sequence include:
  • Christian Theology: Studying the beliefs of the Christian faith.
  • Bible Survey: Exploring the Bible’s history, events, people, and message.
  • Interpretation: Learning how to accurately understand the Bible.
  • Evangelism: Discovering wise ways to relationally share our faith.
  • Leadership: Learning to lead Bible studies, mentor people in Christ, etc.

Classes feature book readings, Bible studies, in-depth teaching, and group discussions. Everyone is invited to take any class!  

 To learn more contact Greg Mozel at: email link