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Are you tired of buying stuff that you don't use a lot? Do you want to be a better steward of resources? Neighbors Goods can help save money, use resources more wisely, and build community. First Baptist is launching an exciting new ministry to make it easier for us to share our time, talent, and treasure with each other. The church is creating an online database of resources and needs on the website www.Neighborgoods.net. 

Everyone is invited to create a (free) profile on Neighborgoods. Once you have created a profile, you can join the First Baptist Church Amherst group.  On Neighborgoods you can list the things you want to share with others in the church in your inventory.  Maybe you have camping supplies or lawn equipment or power tools or a collection of Christian books you’d love to share with others.  Perhaps you would like to help others by petsitting or babysitting. The possibilities are endless!

You can also use Neighborgoods to find things you need. Perhaps you need a ride to church, or a space to store your stuff over the summer, or a room to rent. Maybe you would like to borrow a crockpot or a pick up truck. You can search for what you need in our group’s inventory. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can add the need to your wishlist.

Let’s take a step today toward becoming more interdependent in community and allow the resources we possess to bless our brothers and sisters and deepen community at First Baptist.

What can I share? Use this worksheet to help think about examples of what you have to share or what you need:

Household Goods (examples: paper shredder, toys, canning supplies, folding chairs, baby stuff, sewing machine)


Electronics (examples: video camera, scanner, portable DVD player, copier, laptop)


Tools (examples: tarps, saws, wheelbarrows, painting supplies, electric drill, hammer, rototiller, lawnmower, leaf blower)


Vehicles (examples: car, RV, pick-up truck, boat, snowmobile, jet ski)


Recreation (examples: tents, skis, canoe, camping stove, kickball, musical instruments, snow shoes, potter’s wheel)


Space (examples: yard, a room in your house, storage space for students over summer, gardening space)


Services (examples: eldercare, babysitting, home repair, meals, pet-sitting, ride to church or grocery store, errands)


Media (examples: textbooks, magazine subscriptions, Christian and other hard-to-find books, music, and DVDs)


Skills Teach others what you know! (examples: bike/car repair, guitar lessons, computer literacy, languages, cooking)


Other (examples: season passes, firewood, art works, maternity clothes, Halloween costumes, guest passes, uniforms)


Visit the website www.neighborgoods.net to learn more and create a profile for yourself or family. Join the First Baptist Church Amherst group. Then list your stuff (Inventory) and list your needs (Wishlist). Happy Sharing! 

Lord, stretch us to become your body to each other and the world.
Teach us to be generous stewards of the gifts you’ve entrusted to us.
Teach us to find our security in you and your church community.
Make our spirits restless for something better than greed in our world.
Guide us to walk with our brothers and sisters in community.
May we be your love, your light, your hands, your feet, your voice.
We wait in expectation for the fruit you will bear. Amen.

First Baptist Church | 434 North Pleasant | Amherst, MA 01002 | 413-549-3596