October 2017

Facing Obstacles Wisely

Serving Collaboratively

Risking Courageously

Throughout history, some people have taken risks to advance the mission they passionately care about, while others have safely sat on the sidelines accepting the status quo. We’ll watch Nehemiah risk his life to rescue his people and explore how vision can motivate us to do whatever it takes to participate in God’s redemptive story in our generation.

September 2017

Caring Passionately

Do you feel called to accomplish what seems impossible? School? Raising children? Overcoming an addiction? Advancing social justice? Seeing our neighbors come to Jesus? This fall we’ll study how God guided Nehemiah to do what felt impossible:  rescue people from genocide and restore hope in Messiah. Come explore how we can participate in God’s redemptive story in our own generation.

Courageous Faith

Our world is desperate right now for courageous Christ followers to speak out, sacrificially serve, and generously give to bring Christ’s arms of love, feet of service, and voice of truth in the midst of poverty, racism, misogyny, violence, and warped views of Christ. We’ll listen as God inspires Joshua, who was afraid, to courageously lead the Hebrew community on the dangerous journey into the Promised Land to advance God’s redemptive plans.

How God Changes Lives

What will this fall semester bring in our lives? Spiritual growth or apathy? Honoring God or yielding to temptations? Wise choices or painful decisions? We’ll study 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10 to explore how the Holy Spirit evokes genuine transformation to grow more like Christ.  

The Grieving Mother

In a brief encounter outside of an insignificant town, Jesus and his followers come across a scene of human suffering and brokenness – a mother who has recently lost her son, and with him, her hope. What at first glance appears a simple healing story offers us a much bigger picture of God’s compassion and the ways that Jesus wants to bring healing and wholeness into the death that defines our world.

August 2017

You Will Be Called Cephas

The first thing Jesus said to Peter when they met was a little strange. There was no preamble, no niceties exchanged; instead, Jesus looked directly at him and said, “You are Simon, son of John. You will be called Cephas.” (which, when translated, is Peter). Why did Jesus say that to Peter? What kind of person was Peter? You are warmly invited to join us this Sunday as we explore Peter and his life in our series of People Jesus Met, and let God minister to us through His Word.

A Daughter of the King

Jesus encounters two diverse people in this narrative, a privileged religious leader who humbles himself before Jesus, and a sick woman desperate for healing. Jesus ministers equally to both of them. We’ll learn how Jesus calls us to faithfully steward our privilege and care for the marginalized. The suffering woman with no name is transformed as Jesus publicly declares that she is indeed a daughter of the king!

The Difference Maker