January 2018

Wilderness Warfare

Temptations often strike when we are most vulnerable. Stressed. Tired. Complacent. Alone. Jesus was tempted while he was extremely vulnerable in the wilderness. We’ll learn from Jesus why it’s worth fighting our battles with temptation and how we can be prepared to protect ourselves when tempted. 


Temptations surround us and lurk within us. We all wrestle with temptations like greed, power, lust, sex, anger, addictions, and more. Every day we read about more people in our culture yielding to temptations with disastrous impact. How can we faithfully follow Christ in our world filled with temptations? This series is designed to grow our hearts with motivation to love God and form habits to protect ourselves from sinful choices that damage our lives and the people we love.

December 2017

How Long?

Sometimes we ask “how long?” when we are suffering with pain, filled with anxiety, brokenhearted over injustice in the world, wondering if God will ever answer prayer, and so much more. We’ll meet Simeon and Anna, two elderly people who had waited a lifetime for God to bring the spiritual redemption of their lost neighbors and consolation for their suffering nation, when suddenly the infant Messiah is dedicated in the Temple, and they are chosen as the two witnesses required by God’s Law to proclaim Messiah’s arrival.

Light in Darkness

We live in a world filled with the darkness of violence, poverty, racism, sexual abuse, erosion of human rights, etc. We also look within ourselves and see anger, impurity, selfishness, etc. The Prophet Isaiah spoke to his generation that felt similar darkness overwhelming them, warning about the devastation of their sin while casting vision for God’s grace through the coming Messiah. We’ll learn how God’s redemptive mission can transform our lives and shine in the darkness of our generation.

Advent Taize Experience

Dawn is Breaking

In the opening of his Gospel, John talks about the coming of Christ, but for him this is not something new or unexpected. John describes how God’s glorious light has been at work from the beginning, and how we can trust in God’s power to illuminate the darkness of our world.

November 2017

Leaving a Legacy

Giving God Glory

The walls of protection around Jerusalem had been miraculously constructed! Now would the community continue their mission as a witness to their neighbors or repeat the pattern of their ancestors, who had experienced God’s redemption, only to drift away from God within the next generation? So the faith community gathers to renew God’s covenant by listening to Scripture, which they haven’t heard in a long time, and devote themselves to God. What they learn and how they respond can equip us to celebrate God’s redemption and follow Christ for a lifetime rather than drift away from God.   

Working Diligently

As the important task of finishing the wall nears completion, a series of plots and threats to Nehemiah surface to derail his task and God-ordained mission. Enemies are outside the gates, and they want blood. False prophets are inside the city, trying to convince Nehemiah to run and hide. However, for Nehemiah, hiding is not an option – he has work to do. This week we will see how we are to be faithful to God’s mission in an unpredictable and dangerous world.

October 2017

Living Faithfully

Who we are is more important than what we achieve! We’ve seen this recently with a famous movie producer who we learned was a sexual predator, popular athletes who we discover have hidden domestic abuse, corporations that falsify pollution emissions, people in our lives who experience wreckage when sins emerge, etc. While achieving God’s vision of building the wall to protect themselves from genocide and restore Messiah’s lineage, a crisis arises when some powerful people take advantage of poor