July 2018

“Discerning God’s Voice”

“Discerning God’s Voice” by Pastor Brant Lingle. 

June 2018

“Courage in persecution”

“Courage in persecution” by Greg Mozel.

“Comfort in Suffering”

“Comfort in Suffering” By Greg Mozel

Correction in Pride

“Correction in Pride” By Greg Mozel

Church in the Empire

“Church in the Empire” by Greg Mozel.

May 2018

Guest Speaker – Jim Couch

Guest speaker, Jim Couch

April 2018

The Gospel in the Valley

We’re studying the Biblical foundation of the church’s mission and looking at FBC’s vision into the future. This week we’ll see God’s love for every person we meet and explore God’s wisdom for wisely sharing the life-giving Gospel with our neighbors.

Blessing our Neighbors

We’ll see in Jeremiah 29:4-14 God’s vision for his people, wherever we are planted, to bless our neighbors. God’s people were in exile, where they were tempted to separate from the culture and lose their influence, or blend into the culture and lose their identity. But God challenged them to bless their neighbors as a witness to their culture. We’ll learn more about FBC’s community ministries and next steps to further serve our neighbors.

Generation to Generation

We’re studying the Biblical foundation of the church’s mission and exploring God’s vision for our lives and FBC into the year 2020. This Sundaywe’ll observe in Judges 2:6-15 God’s vision to pass genuine faith to each generation and tragic consequences when we don’t invest in discipling the next generation. Practical resources to equip us for this challenge will be available in the Book Nook. “We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord!” (Psalm 78:4). 

2020 Vision

“2020 Vision” is our spring sermon series starting this Sunday. Who are we? Why are here? Where are we going? These are important questions in our lives and as a church community. We’ll explore the Biblical foundation of six themes that define who we are and where God is guiding us through the year 2020. Let’s ask God for 20/20 spiritual vision to further God’s redemptive mission together!