September 2018

“God’s Relentless Grace”

“God’s Relentless Grace” by Greg Mozel

“Ready Or Not”

“Ready Or Not” by Greg Mozel

August 2018

“Leaving a Legacy”

“Leaving a Legacy” by Greg Mozel

“Running on Empty”

 “Running on Empty”  by Greg Mozel.

“What Matters Most?”

“What Matters Most?” by Greg Mozel.

“An Appeal: Be Transformed”

 “An Appeal: Be Transformed” by Scott Key. 

July 2018

Comfortable in Affluence

“Comfortable in Affluence” by Greg Mozel.

“Commitment in Crisis”

“Commitment in Crisis” by Greg Mozel.

Complacent in Success

“Complacent in Success” by Greg Mozel. Released: July 15th, 2018.

“Compromise in Temptation”

“Compromise in Temptation” by Greg Mozel.