May 2016


Prayer, a communication of love, a heart conversation, a laying hold of promises, a realization of breakthroughs and transformation,  an ascent to  fullness of life.  …what things we often forfeit, what needless pain we bear…all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer…  This Sundaywe shall bring our attention back to one of the fundamentals of our faith – Prayer.  May we respond to God’s wooing, and find hope, strength and breakthrough in Prayer.

Breaking Barriers

Pentecost is the Greek title for the Hebrew Feast of Shavuot, giving thanks to God for the harvest, and one of the three pilgrimage festivals in which Jewish people would travel to Jerusalem. God chose this unique celebration of harvest, when Jerusalem was filled with people from many nations, to pour out the Holy Spirit and begin a spiritual harvest of the Gospel, breaking spiritual, social, ethnic, and national barriers to spread around the world.

When the Grass Grows Back

There are times when our call to serve, our desire to make a difference, is challenged by overwhelming need in the world. We can so easily become discouraged and overwhelmed; how do we know what we are doing is worthwhile? This week, we will examine what makes Christian service important, and how faith in action shines new light on our identities in Christ.

Following the Footprints of Jesus

Believers were first called “Christians” in Antioch because of their Christ-like life. Christianity is not a religion but “a way of life” that we profess Christ to the world.  Jesus said we are the light of the world. What does it mean to be the light of the world? If we are the light of the world how bright is the light shining?

April 2016

Trusting God

After wrestling with God about why there is evil in the world and when God will answer his prayers for justice, Habakkuk bursts forth with a worship song expressing his trust in God. We’ll explore how Habakkuk grew to trust the Lord and we’ll be challenged to trust God’s redemptive plans whatever the circumstances, not just when we get what we want from God.

Warnings from God

After Habakkuk cries out to God with questions about injustice in the world, God responds by revealing that judgment will indeed come upon evil. This description of judgment also warns God’s people about the source of evil in our cultures that can so easily seduce us, with a beautiful portrait of God’s grace to sustain us.

Waiting on God

We’re learning from the prophet Habakkuk as he cries out to God with challenging questions, learning from God’s responses, and watching Habakkuk grow toward trusting in God.

Questions for God

Sometimes we cry out to God with questions! Why does God allow suffering? Where is God when I’m hurting? When will God answer my prayers? We’ll explore the little Book of Habakkuk that gives voice to many of our questions and we’ll learn from God’s responses.

March 2016


Our Easter celebration will feature a feast of resurrection hymns, orchestra music, choir songs, worship songs led by our worship band, and an Easter sermon from Scripture.  This is a great Sunday to invite someone to attend church with you.

The Cross of Christ

Jesus entered Jerusalem to shouts of “hosanna” but a few days later heard “crucify him” and was killed on the cross. What did Christ accomplish on the cross? We’ll explore the meaning of the cross and portraits of the atonement that purchased our salvation. You can prepare by reading: Mark

10:45, John 1:29, Romans