October 2016

What is the Sabbath?

We’ll explore fourfold the meaning of the Sabbath: (1) Sacred space for God’s people to refresh from work and reflect on God. (2) A witness of God’s loving care for his covenant people. (3) Social Justice to give Sabbath rest for workers, immigrants, animals, and land. (4) A sign pointing to the ultimate “Sabbath Rest” of eternal life. Come learn more about the Sabbath than we often assume.

God’s Name

The third commandment, not to take God’s name in vain, is often viewed as not using God’s name to swear. This is true but misses so much of the heart of this command. The third commandment defines God’s name, reveals a lot about God’s character, and instructs us how to relate with God. You might be surprised by a fresh look at an often misunderstood command.

September 2016

You Are What You Worship

Whatever “gods” or “idols” we worship shape our lives over time. God warns how damaging our “American Idols” like greed, power, control, sex, and so many other temptations can be to warp the Imagine of God within us. So God is jealous for our worship, not how we define jealously in our fallen world as the control of an insecure lover, but because God passionately desires for our lives to be shaped into the Image of God. We’ll also be challenged by how our lives can leave a legacy of blessing or curses to future generations.

The 10 Commandments

We often hear confusing references to the 10 Commandments in our culture. What do they really mean? How are they relevant today? We’ll study the 10 Commandments, recorded in Exodus 20, with three goals: (1) Learning Biblical interpretation skills about the Law in the Old Testament and relationship between the old covenant and the new covenant. (2) Study how Jesus redefined the 10 Commandments since they were misunderstood by many religious teachers in his generation and in our time. (3) Explore how the 10 Commandments apply in our lives today.

How God Changes Lives

What will this fall season and new school year bring for our lives? Will our hearts grow in affection for God or will our hearts wander astray into temptations? Will we make wise decisions or stupid choices that we will regret? Will we live in community building up each other or become vulnerable living our faith alone? We need to take intentional steps to grow! In 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10 the Apostle Paul reminds the church how God changed their lives with a challenge to continue being shaped more like Christ.

When You’re Suffering

We know intellectually that we will undergo times of suffering in our lives, but that knowledge doesn’t mean that we aren’t still surprised by the power our trials can have over us. It’s hard not to have our lives become defined by the things that we have suffered. This week, we will look at the story of Naomi, the mother-in-law of Ruth, and how her extreme circumstances led to an identity crisis of her own. How can we begin to reframe suffering in light of God’s promises and work in our lives?

August 2016

Frail Humanity; God’s Response

Feeling small… Relegated to the least important place… Feeling weak and don’t know how to overcome… Falling into sin, miserable, and realizing his humanity… God’s response… A life-changing revelation. Come this Sunday and let’s learn together from David’s life and God’s relationship with him.

When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you ever feel like giving up on your faith, or your education, or your job, or your marriage, or your future? We’ll learn from the honest faith story of Asaph, a music director in the Temple, as he almost gave up on God, until he reflected on so many reasons to trust God.

Loosen Your Grip

We tend to hold tightly to things, people, and situations we care deeply about. Sometimes God is calling us to courageously trust God and loosen our grip. We’ll look at Jochebed, a woman who released the most precious thing she could have held on to – her baby boy – to protect the baby’s life, and watch how God changed the world through this child.

Isaiah – Changed Lives

What would you do if God suddenly appeared to you? Be surprised that God really does exist? Begin asking God those questions you’ve always wanted to ask? Feel guilty because of your sin? Fall down in worship? We’ll follow Isaiah into the Temple and watch as he encounters God, reacts with grief because of his sinfulness, but experiences God’s grace that transforms his future. This life-changing story that reveals rich insights about God’s character is recorded in Isaiah 6:1-8.