December 2018

“Those Who Are Sent”

“Those Who Are Sent” by Josh Raskin

“The God Who Goes”

“The God Who Goes” by Josh Raskin

November 2018

“Thanksgiving at the border”

“Thanksgiving at the border” by Greg Mozel

“Church on the Other side”

“Church on the Other side” by Greg Mozel

“The Ethiopian Eunuch”

 “The Ethiopian Eunuch” by Greg Mozel

“The Meaning of Communion”

“The Meaning of Communion ” by Greg Mozel.

October 2018

“The Meaning of Baptism”

“The Meaning of Baptism”. by Greg Mozel

“Healing Communities”

“Healing Communities” by Dean Trulear

“One And Only Life”

“One and Only Life” by Greg Mozel.

Let It Go

“Let It Go” by Jamaal Nelson.