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Winter is cold in Amherst! The temperature drops and snow covers the ground. The cold weather is dangerous for our homeless neighbors. First Baptist partners with the Town of Amherst, Craig’s Doors Association, local churches, and social service agencies to host the homeless shelter during the winter to offer a safe place, nutritious meals, warm showers, and supportive community.

Craig’s Place is open November 1 – April 30. Our neighbors in need of shelter are invited to the church cafe for warmth, safety, and community. Each guest has a cot for sleeping with warm blankets and storage so they don’t have to carry everything throughout the day. Newspapers and books are available to read and a movie is shown many nights. A healthy dinner is served each night and a hot breakfast is offered each morning.

Social service representatives are available to connect people with resources such as medical care, substance addiction treatment, vocational counseling, and more to build a better future. We’re grateful for the collaboration of community organizations to break the cycle of homelessness. Last winter eighteen people moved out of the shelter into housing and twenty-four people began working jobs.

Craig’s Doors Home Association manages Craig’s Place and provides professional staff each night, bringing years of experience managing community services in our region. Volunteers from local churches assist the staff. 
To learn more about Craig’s Doors go to www.craigsdoors.org/   
 To volunteer, click link: http://www.craigsdoors.org/volunteer/
You can be a part of the shelter volunteer teams:
    • Evening Shift: help set up the shelter and serve hot meals.
    • Morning Shift: help serve breakfast and clean up after shelter.
    • Overnight Shift: stays overnight as back-up staff and helps guests.